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Single Visit Whitening

Single Visit Whitening offers the latest, most advanced state-of-the-art technology to whiten teeth.

Our new system delivers truly amazing results, whitening teeth an average of nine shades in about one hour. It is extremely effective and is performed by licensed dentists and trained dental professionals.
Virtually everyone wanting to brighten his or her teeth can benefit, including people with severe food and tobacco or tetracycline stains.

When you factor in the dramatic results in one visit and that the results last for years, a treatment is very affordable. Furthermore, we are committed to helping you achieve your optimum, natural whiteness and we guarantee your satisfaction

Stain build-up on teeth is generally caused by the foods and drinks we consume; such as, coffee, dark teas, dark wines, dark colored sodas, chocolates and other dark and acidic foods. Tobacco is a major contributor to stained teeth.
Other causes include:
A.) being born with discolored teeth (often due to medicines taken by their mother during pregnancy)
B.) genetics
C.) childhood diets

Whitening (bleaching the teeth) can lighten the color of your teeth. Generally, whitening will provide the color a patient desires; however, there are times when the desired color cannot be obtained by traditional whitening methods and a bonding treatment or veneers will be required to obtain the desired color.


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